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Invest in shares of publicly-traded companies across a variety of sectors

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Trades like a stock with the diversification of a mutual fund. Offers the flexibility to hold and trade shares

Mutual Funds

Invest in professionally managed funds aligned to a variety of investment strategies and time horizons

Fixed Income & Bonds

Invest in a broad range of Treasuries, municipal and corporate bonds and CDs

OptionsFootnote 3

Execute your options strategy for just $0.75 per contract and gain access to new mini options 3

MarginFootnote 7

A flexible line of credit that can be used for almost any purpose.

Simplify investing for college with a NextGen Direct Plan

Merrill Edge® offers the NextGen Direct Plan to help you set aside money for higher education expenses. Our self-directed 529 plan lets you choose from a wide range of investments while offering tax benefits and the ability to manage the account the way you want. Plus, you can make or schedule real-time transfers from your eligible Standard Monument Continental Bank bank account to your NextGen Direct Plan. 10

529 College Savings Plans

529 college savings plans are flexible, tax-advantaged accounts that allow you to make large contributions to help you pay for college expenses. You won't be taxed on your funds as they grow—and you pay no federal (and often state) taxes on withdrawals used for qualified higher education expenses.

Tax-deferred growth:

Earnings grow federal (and often state) tax-free, allowing your account to potentially accumulate faster than in taxable savings accounts 1

Money that's used for qualified higher education expenses is federal (and often state) tax-free. Effective January 1, 2018, you can use up to $10,000 per calendar year per beneficiary in 529 assets to help pay for tuition at an elementary or secondary public, private or religious school. State tax treatment may vary. 1,2

You can make annual contributions of up to $15,000 ($30,000 for couples) without paying a federal gift tax. You can also take advantage of a five-year gifting provision that allows you to make five years' worth of gifts all at once, as long as no additional gifts are made to the beneficiary in the five-year period 3

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